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Who am I?

My name is Roxanne Hernandez. I am half Hungarian and half Mexican, born in California where I spent a great deal of my childhood too. I originally moved to The Netherlands to pursue my university education and eventually ended up staying to work here afterwards. 

I have experience working with internationals and expats dealing with adjustment and the many hardships that can come with living abroad. This is an area that I myself can relate to and it allows me to gain better insight into the issues some may be facing. 

It is important for me that my clients feel comfortable and safe with me in order to start a healthy therapeutic journey. I believe therapy is a joint effort and it is when working together with the client that results truly show. 

My education has primarily been in English, therefore, it has become my strongest language. I also speak Hungarian and Spanish, languages which I acquired from my parents growing up.

I provide sessions in English, Hungarian & Spanish in The Hague and online.


Issues I work with:

Low mood/depression

Anxiety issues

Communication problems

Emotion regulation 

Low self-esteem

Concentration issues

Exam stress

Anger & stress management

Well-being improvement

Relationship issues 

Attachment issues

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